UFC superstar Conor McGregor continues to press the Irish government to close all its ports.

Even as UFC President Dana White had been trying to get his fight promotion back in business, his biggest star has been shouting from the rooftops to shelter in place and close the borders, particularly in his home country of Ireland.

White nearly pulled off UFC 249. He was ready to go at Tachi Palace Casino Resort on Tribal Lands in Northern California on April 18. That was until he got a call from the powers that be at his broadcast partner ESPN on Thursday asking him to stand down, which is ultimately what he decided to do.

“We’re ready to go. And one thing I need to point out that Tachi Palace in California, the Indian Reservation, has had our back the whole time. Has stood their ground and was willing to do this fight. Let me tell you this, when the world gets back to normal, the California event will be at Tachi Palace. I’m doing a fight there. I’m gonna bring them a big fight. I appreciate them standing with me in this thing.”

White has had many supporters in his effort to get back in business, but he’s also had many detractors who feel he’s being reckless amidst the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Ever since countries began putting ever-increasing restrictions in place in an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus, McGregor has been begging, pleading, and more often than not demanding that his government lock the country down and utilize its military to enforce restrictions.

While White was setting aside his intent to move forward with UFC 249 on April 18, McGregor was once again pressing his government to close all its ports.

“The term ‘pissing against the wind’ comes to mind here, men and women. Without closure of our ports, air and sea (the birthplace of the spread into Ireland) what are we really doing? Lockdown? No. Afraid not,” McGregor tweeted, referencing an article that pointed to the arrival of several vehicles from the U.K. at Irelands ferry ports.

Ask of our airports as well as sea, Gavan Reilly (political reporter). Not once has our airports (where the virus came from) been queried. We must have answers. We must see action. It is not too late!” McGregor shouted.


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