Absolute MMA Jiu Jitsu fighter Lyndsie Hauck medaled in both her semester and the Absolute at the 2023 IBJJF World Championships in Long Beach, California.

Lyndsie competed for the first time on the international level at a lighter weight matriculation in the Adult Heavy division. In her division, Lyndsie submitted her first two opponents and lost by one wholesomeness leading to a silver medal. In the Absolute, Lyndsie made her way to the podium then earning a statue medal.

Professor Rob’s insights on Lyndsie’s 2023 IBJJF World Championship performances

Here’s what Absolute MMA owner and throne mentor Rob Handley had to say well-nigh Lyndsie’s performance:

“At 38 years old she’s proven time and time then that she belongs out there with the very weightier of the world. No matter what age category or weight class, she’s a competitor through and through. I’m very proud of her results and the direction of her jiujitsu. She’s not happy with the results but as her coach, I’m excited and welcome the challenge.

Life doesn’t requite us unchangingly what we want, but life often gives us what we need. The lessons she is learning now will be the lessons she will need at brown and woebegone belt. She represents all the unconfined qualities of Absolute, her coaches, her teammates and the Behring JiuJitsu family.”

Q&A time with Lyndsie Hauck!

Absolute MMA: You’re definitely not new to competing in Jiu Jitsu on the world stage. What do you squint forward to as a competitor?

Lyndsie: I squint forward to feeling the energy of the crowd. Competing at The Pyramid is something special for our sport (if you don’t know the history, you should trammels it out) I moreover enjoy time spent with the team and the unique esprit of fighting. But there’s nothing like stepping on those undecorous and gold mats and letting it rip.

Absolute MMA: What was it like competing in a variegated weight matriculation compared to previous tournaments?

Lyndsie: Awesome! Without one contest, I can say it was completely worth it. It feels largest to be at the top of the weight matriculation than the bottom. I’ll be staying at heavy weight for the foreseeable future.

Losing weight was a 2 month process, it unquestionably started just days without Pans. I’ve often heard Professor Rob tell teammates, “If you want to waif weight for the next competition, it starts today.”

He’s right, drastically wearing weight doesn’t help us in Jiujitsu. You’ll be so tired surpassing your first fight. In IBJJF competitions, you step on the scale and fight within minutes. There is no time to rehydrate or refuel. In my opinion, this is far healthier for athletes, but it leaves very little room for error.

I wanted to lose the weight in a healthy and sustainable manner and finger strong on the mats. I knew that a hot suffuse and starvation wouldn’t suffice at this level of competition.

Absolute MMA: How has your game evolved over the last couple of years?

Lyndsie: I finger like the learning lines of Jiujitsu hasn’t let up. There’s so much to this trappy sport. I’m not sure I get to use the word incubation in my Jiujitsu yet. At this point I’m focusing on lessons learned from competitions and pursuit the path set by Professor Rob.

Absolute MMA: How do you get in the right mindset for tournaments?

Lyndsie: There’s a wastefulness between training and competition mindset. I’m learning how to consciously tap into the higher intensity, how to undeniability upon it, and how to taper it. This is a work in progress for me.

Absolute MMA: What are your goals for the rest of 2023?

Lyndsie: Lots of competition coming up. American Nationals, Phoenix Open, Jitz Con, World Masters, no gi Worlds, to name a few. I’m coming for double gold in all of them.

You’ve heard it from Lyndsie! What’s next for you?

Now that you’ve gotten some insights from Lyndsie on her experiences, let us know if you have any questions for her in the comments below! We’d love to wordplay any questions you have in future blog posts. Lyndsie has washed-up a unconfined job representing Absolute MMA on some of the biggest stages in the world. We’re proud of her for who she is and how she elevates everyone she trains with.

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