A definitive Warrior 32 just gave fans one of the most outstanding battles of the year.

In a session that required an additional five minutes, Group Valentina Shevchenko featherweight Zygimantas Ramaska (9-2) out-slugged Group Alexa Grasso's Bekhzod Usmonov (11-4) to win a choice in a thrilling two-round challenge on the most recent TUF 32 episode.

Shevchenko shut the hole among herself and her flyweight rival, catching a second win of the time to restricted Grasso's lead to 3-2. Ramaska joins partner Roedie Roets in the elimination rounds of the time's 145-pound competition.

The Ultimate Fighter 32: Episode 5 Results - Alexa Grasso vs. Valentina Shevchenko

The taller Ramaska was the attacker from the very beginning of the current week's battle, as he utilized his noteworthy reach to walk Usmonov down and label him with strikes. Ramaska made sure to toss head kicks as Usmonov attempted to explore the distance. With Ramaska pushing the speed in the round, Usmonov got him with a breaking right hand that dropped Ramaska. He followed with ground-and-pound, however Ramaska recuperated and some way or another tracked down the will to fire back with additional kicks and secure knees. Toward the finish of Cycle 1, blood was spilling out of Usmonov's nose from the sharp strategies.

Ramaska, apparently completely recuperated, didn't ease up in Cycle 2. He kept on scoring in the secure, abusing Usmonov with knees and blending in takedowns. However Usmonov kept on terminating back with weighty calfskin, Ramaska enjoyed an unmistakable benefit in volume. Some way or another, neither one of the warriors experienced a knockdown in the second casing a few clean shots interfacing on the two sides.

The Ultimate Fighter 32: Grasso, Shevchenko select teams, first matchup

In spite of Usmonov scoring a knockdown in Cycle 1, every one of the three appointed authorities compensated two rounds to Ramaska, giving him the success. A while later, UFC Chief Dana White entered the enclosure to praise the warriors for their staggering endeavors by and by.

In an odd wind, Ramaska and Usmonov really wound up contending at a catchweight of 146.5 pounds after the two warriors came in somewhat weighty and the mentors consented to simply allow them to battle at the new poundage as opposed to compel them to cut any longer weight.

One week from now, the middleweight competition go on as Group Grasso No. 4 Tom Theocharis battles Group Slug No. 3 Ryan Loder.

Here are the TUF 32 rosters divided by team:

Team Grasso


Guillermo Torres (Mexico) (7-1)
Kaan Ofli (Australia) (10-2-1)
Bekhzod Usmonov (Tajikistan) (11-4)
Mairon Santos (Brazil) (13-1)

Robert Valentin (Switzerland) (10-3)
Paddy McCorry (Ireland) (4-1)
Omran Chaaban (Finland) (6-1)
Tom Theocharis (Canada) (9-5)
Team Shevchenko


Roedie Roets (South Africa) (7-1)
Zygimantas Ramaska (Lithuania) (9-2)
Nathan Fletcher (England) (8-1)
Edwin Cooper Jr. (USA) (6-1)

Shamidkhan Magomedov (Russia) (7-1)
Mark Hulme (South Africa) (12-3)
Ryan Loder (USA) (6-1)
Giannis Bachar (Greece) (9-2)