Conor McGregor Vs Michael Chandler at UFC 303 is in difficult circumstances.

Last week, the UFC 303 headliner was tossed into strife when an arranged Dublin public interview for the occasion was delayed last moment without clarification. That promptly raised worries that the long-expected battle among McGregor and Chandler was out of nowhere in danger, and reports before long coursed that the advancement was investigating substitute designs for their Worldwide Battle Week main event.

In any case, following a couple of long periods of tense hypothesis, and no authority declaration from the UFC, it seemed things were in the groove again and McGregor would be battling Chandler on June 29 in Las Vegas. And keeping in mind that formally that is as yet the situation, it's looking increasingly far-fetched, per a report from MMA Battling's Ariel Helwani on Wednesday's episode of The MMA Hour..

Conor McGregor vs Michael Chandler 'in limbo' for UFC 303 main event,  reports suggest

"On Monday of last week, I would agree that good faith level was not exceptionally high," Helwani said. "There was some worry, there was some uncertainty, there were road obstructions. I came on this show on Wednesday and said hopefulness was high. There was extraordinary energy, that multitude of words I utilized. It seemed like we had avoided a disaster, it seemed like we had turned a corner.

"On Tuesday, I announced that the UFC was conveying antennas, they were contacting warriors and supervisors to see who might actually be accessible to either supplant the battle — meaning two new contenders — or step in and supplant one of the contenders required to battle on this card. Clearly the contender we're discussing is Conor McGregor, since, in such a case that not, how could Chandler be all set on a plane to Dublin?

"So I said that it appeared we were all around great, and by Wednesday, no sensors were being tossed out, nobody was discussing this, truly. It appeared like all frameworks were a go.

UFC roundup: Conor McGregor status for UFC 303 'very much in limbo'

"The previous morning I began to hear — as I kept on checking in light of the fact that I know there's a ton of nervousness, a great deal of uncertainty, a ton of worry about this since it's a major battle and on the grounds that nobody included are talking about this freely, Chandler did the one meeting and I believe that crushed some worry, however nobody is truly discussing this — and I found out, through various sources, that they are contacting individuals once more. They are contacting supervisors, they are connecting with warriors, as expected substitutions, as another battle, as reinforcements, as somebody stepping in for McGregor, or similarly as protection. For good measure. Everything are in play.

"Above and beyond, we are right here, Wednesday, 1:15, the energy that I discussed precisely multi week prior today is mysteriously absent. I would agree that this battle is a lot of in an in-between state. I would agree that it's holding tight and the UFC is working extremely, extreme right now to sort out an Arrangement B. The Arrangement B could be somebody stepping in to battle Chandler, the Arrangement C could be an entirely different battle."

While there is still no authority word on what the snags are for this battle, MMA Battling's Damon Martin was additionally ready to affirm with sources that the battle is for sure in risk because of an issue with McGregor and that the advancement is investigating every one of its choices. Be that as it may, with UFC 303 only half a month away, it's muddled what substitutions are accessible on this timetable.