If it's not too much trouble, excuse Michael Chandler in the event that his voice is a little dry today.

"I need to tell everyone, 'Hello, I'm not wiped out. I in a real sense harmed my voice on Monday Night Crude,'" Chandler said with a chuckle on Wednesday's episode of The MMA Hour.

"Before I went on, one of the makers was like, 'Hello, this receiver is gated,' and I'm like, 'Hello, what's gated mean?' He's like, 'Gated implies you need to shout out.' And I'm as, 'I don't think that will be an issue.' However the second dominated and a star was conceived."

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Chandler, 37, shocked the battle sports world this week when he showed up on WWE's leader program, grabbed the mouthpiece, then, at that point, cut an incensed promotion getting down on Conor McGregor for their still unbooked battle.

Chandler's momentous night immediately became a web sensation inside the double universes of MMA and proficient wrestling. What's more, as indicated by the previous three-time Bellator champion, it was all spur of the moment.

"Two minutes prior, they said, 'Hello, they will put the camera on you.' I said, 'How about you give me that mouthpiece?'" Chandler reviewed. "What's more, they expressed, 'Hang tight, let me gauge interest for it genuine speedy.' And afterward about a moment later, they said, 'Hello, you're happening in a moment and you will get the mouthpiece on the off chance that you need the receiver,' and wizardry occurred. ... Under five minutes [of notice]. There was nothing ready. Nothing. I was tossed into the fire. Smacked myself multiple times and afterward we went.

"There's no video film of me taking my shirt off, however Pat McAfee said I took my shirt off [after], so got the group into it, I was flexing on everyone. It was fun, man. It was loads of tomfoolery, and man, I'm burnt out on looking out for Conor, so return his treats ass once again to the octagon."

Chandler said his proactivity was generally welcomed by the WWE metal. He said he met with WWE boss substance official and head of imaginative Paul Michael Levesque — who's better known by the ring moniker Triple H — after his TV spot and was informed that WWE "preferred what they saw." While he dissipated reports that the promotion had a say in plans for a hybrid appearance at Wrestlemania, he did communicate interest in additional kicking down the entryway for future corporate collaboration among UFC and WWE now that the two brands are working under a similar technical knockout Gathering Property umbrella. Chandler additionally suggested that his appearance wouldn't be "the final appearance ever to be made by me in the WWE, perhaps."

"We will see," Chandler said. "Clearly there's a hybrid there. Ton of regard for the grapplers, the metal there. They have a lot of regard for the UFC. It was truly cool being there, watching different competitors and performers and entertainers, and [them] love blended combative techniques, and me of them. So it was truly cool. There's a great deal of cooperative energy there and the sky's the breaking point with regards to technical knockout Gathering and what we can do in the hybrid, and better believe it, man, it's presumably only the earliest reference point."

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Chandler has been likely connected to a UFC return session against McGregor since training against the Irishman on A definitive Warrior 31 in mid 2023. After a tedious, excessively long adventure, McGregor reported his rebound battle against Chandler on New Year's Eve for June 29 at the UFC's yearly Global Battle Week pay-per-view. UFC President Dana White has since denied McGregor's cases, in any case, and kept up with that there is no battle on the books for the previous two-division champion. White emphasized that feeling this previous end of the week after UFC 298, expressing that he actually doesn't have the foggiest idea when — or on the other hand if — McGregor will return.

McGregor, 35, has not contended since experiencing a messed up leg in his July 2021 misfortune to Dustin Poirier, however has more than once voiced his disappointment about not being reserved by the UFC.

Tragically, regardless of the buzz Chandler's WWE appearance touched off, the previous Bellator lightweight winner said there have been no improvements on the McGregor front.

"There's a great deal of muddled stuff occurring in the background," Chandler said. "No one has needed to feel like they've stood by longer than me, correct? I've been prepared to battle since just after A definitive Warrior. In any case, I likewise comprehend the time off has been great, the time with my family has been great, business has been blasting beyond me battling in the enclosure for a check. In any case, Conor has his stuff going on. He's currently advancing Street House, that is turning out in Spring. Clearly there was the USADA stuff and afterward now the new medication testing stuff. There was only this large number of various layers. Also what Dana has said, man — cash confounds things. There's huge load of cash engaged with this battle.

Michael Chandler calls out Conor McGregor at WWE after failed UFC 300 main  event bid

"Everyone, whether you love him or disdain him, you must regard what [McGregor] has fabricated, isn't that so? So it has confounded things. However, one way or the other, the Chandler train is proceeding to push ahead, and we're not getting off this train. This is the battle that is going on. I can't see you a date, I can't let you know a weight, yet I can see you the battle is occurring. Furthermore, I have an excessive number of affirmations that this battle is ending up suspecting something. So there's certain dates that seem OK — clearly UFC 300 checked out, it truly did.

"I must be straightforward with you, I felt that was the thing it would have been. It appears to be legit. Is there any good reason why you wouldn't have any desire to feature the greatest card that UFC has at any point placed on? At the end of the day, it's not and we stay patient, we stay preparing, we stay prepared."