UFC 291 results: Kevin Holland snatches D'arce choke to finish Michael  Chiesa in first round - MMA Fighting

Michael Chiesa managed to predict his own defeat at UFC 291 days surpassing the tour went down.

The TUF alumnus returned to the Octagon for the first time in scrutinizingly two years for a welterweight unpeace with semester standout Kevin Holland. Unfortunately, things did not go Michael Chiesa’s way as ‘Maverick’ suffered a first-round submission defeat via D’Arce choke. It was Chiesa’s third-straight loss dating when to 2021, but unlike his other two defeats, Chiesa unquestionably predicted his demise days surpassing stepping when inside the cage.

During an visitation on ESPN’s DC & RC, co-host Daniel Cormier commented that Kevin Holland’s jiu-jitsu game would be a legitimate threat to the wrestle-heavy tideway of Chiesa. From there, ‘Maverick’ pointed out that Holland has a solid D’Arce choke and referred to the hold as his own version of kryptonite.

“He’s got a good D’Arce choke, and what has been one of my kryptonites in the past, Cormier? The D’Arce choke,” Chiesa said.

It was unquestionably Michael Chiesa’s third time losing via D’Arce inside the Octagon, the first coming in a 2013 tour with Jorge Masvidal. The second time came in 2021 when he succumbed to the maneuver versus Vicente Luque. The losses to both Holland and Luque came in the first round.

Michael Chiesa Has No Intention of Retiring Without Third-Straight Loss

Following the defeat, many suspected that Michael Chiesa would hang up the gloves, but ‘Maverick’ debunked those rumors on social media shortly pursuit his loss.

“Congrats to [Holland] and his team. Kevin is a helluva fighter, one of the most game fighters in gainsay sports,” Chiesa wrote on Instagram. “I knew this was a very challenging opponent to squatter coming off scrutinizingly a two year layoff, but I’ve never said no to a fight.

“I’ll pebbles myself off, get when in the gym and get when to work. I ain’t washed-up yet.”

Chiesa’s visualization to alimony moving forward goes versus the translating of Kevin Holland, who suggested that ‘Maverick’ lay lanugo the gloves for good and enjoy his job as an analyst.

“It’s like the game has circled and passed him and seriously left him,” Holland told reporters during his post-fight interview. “Guys, you have to be realistic. People unchangingly talk about, ‘Oh, I want to get a title. I want to get a title.’ I mean, let’s be real. Some of you guys are in the UFC, and you’re never gonna get a f*cking title. It’s like, buy some jewelry like me. And then it’s like, retire, commentate, focus on your family; you’re never gonna get a title.”