Marlon Vera has very little kind words to say about Sean O'Malley.

On Saturday, "Chito" challenges O'Malley for the bantamweight title in the headliner of UFC 299 in Miami. The two recently battled at UFC 252, with Vera scoring a first-round knockout after O'Malley harmed his leg, and as the session draws near, the intensity between the two keeps on developing. Addressing correspondents at the UFC 299 Media Day, O'Malley said he and Vera had been trading DMs in front of the battle, and when it was his chance to handle questions, Chito gave his side of things.

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"He's a bizarre person," Vera told journalists at UFC 299 Media Day. "He enjoys strange s***. I attempted to avoid it. The main thing I did was send him an image of me back, and I haven't even perused what he said later.

"It all makes sense to me. One of his primary apparatuses is getting in individuals' minds. Best of luck with that. I'm going to f*** you up. I'm ready for Saturday night. So he's attempting to begin things. Recently, he inquired as to whether I was prepared to lose the battle. He didn't get my response. I would have cherished the camera get what I expressed back to him, yet they just got one side. However, that is only one device to the game. I'm prepared for a battle. My brain is perfectly positioned and I will beat him up."

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Cameras really got Vera's reaction, and the whole scene can be seen in the most recent episode of UFC 299 Implanted, yet Vera was additionally adequately kind to clarify for the journalists.

"I requested that he suck my d***," Vera made sense of. "When it's all said and done, straightforward as that. Haven't arrived to be cordial, haven't arrived to be conscious. I'm not a karate fellow, I'm a warrior. So you f*** with me, I'm going to f****** f*** with you. I'm not f****** around, man."

Vera kept, saying that this is all O'Malley's endeavor to get in his mind, yet that it won't work. Furthermore, Chito added that he has a substantially more immediate arrangement of getting into O'Malley's head: his clench hand.

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"I will get in there and I'm moving to bore an opening through his face," Vera said. "Then what? There's no talking in there. I realize his corner likes to do talking when we're in there, yet I would cherish my corner to offer me guidance to win the battle. Assuming my corner is more worried about talking s*** about my adversary and they don't guide me, I wouldn't accompany those individuals."

What's more, whenever that is finished and he's the new bantamweight champion, don't anticipate that much should change for Chito. He anticipates doing the very same thing he's finished for a really long time: battling whoever the UFC places before him.

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"I will keep it genuine," Vera said when gotten some information about his title rule. "I'll do exactly the same thing I've been doing as the years progressed. I will shield the belt against whoever is No. 1. I won't begin getting demanding or go to an alternate weight class. Whoever is next, send them to me. That's what simply like, similar to a genuine hero."