Straightforward Mir would rather not appear to be a bad sport. However, he can't resist the urge to ponder who truly got compensated from one of the UFC's best cards ever — in light of the fact that it certainly wasn't him.

Advanced as a noteworthy occasion, UFC 100 occurred in 2009 and highlighted a blockbuster headliner between champ Mir and WWE genius turned contender Brock Lesnar. The occasion sold 1.6 million compensation for every perspectives — an extraordinary number at that point — and at an expense of $44.95, it delivered more than $71 million in income.

In those days, the UFC split pay-per-view benefits with link and satellite organizations. Normally, that cut its income down the middle. For UFC 100, the advancement probably procured around $35 or $36 million. In the mean time, compensations for the occasion, which were freely accessible around then, showed Mir made $45,000 for his misfortune, while Lesnar acquired $400,000. That was before pay-per-view deals were calculated in.

Frank Mir didn't realize until years later how drastically underpaid he was  for fighting Brock Lesnar at UFC 100 - MMA Fighting

Mir said that even with his reward, he didn't clear $1 million for his battle with Lesnar - or some other battle during his 15-year profession with the UFC. It was only after years after the fact he understood how radically came up short on he was contrasted with the UFC's benefits.

"I think when it at last occurred to me was the Deontay More out of control [rematch] with Tyson Fierceness," Mir told MMA Battling. "We actually did more purchases than they, me and Brock, and afterward I'm taking a gander at the compensation per-view cost. Alright, the cash was there. Who did it go to?

"Seeing these folks make $40 million joined. I'm like amazing. Brock clearly made seven figures off it, I think he made $2.5 million. Yet, I didn't make 1,000,000."

The Anger versus More stunning 2 card in 2020 supposedly sold somewhere in the range of 800,000 and 850,000 purchases at a cost of $79.99 on pay-per-view. By those measurements, the bout probably procured somewhere near $66 million. Fierceness and More out of control were both ensured to make more than $25 million, in addition to a portion of the compensation per-view benefits.

Frank Mir Expresses Shock Regarding UFC 100 Payout

That is significantly more than Mir brought back home as a feature of a UFC card that sold 1.6 million purchases. He said Lesnar even merited more than he got subsequent to cleaning $2.5 million off of the occasion.

"Brock himself, a lot greater hotshot than [Fury or Wilder]," Mir said. "Why he wasn't making $20 million? That takes my breath away, and I don't grasp it. "Until Conor [McGregor] went along, we had the record for the most compensation per-view purchases sold."

However much he regrets the measly payday he got for UFC 100, Mir concedes he didn't have an extraordinary comprehension about the cash he made contrasted with the largest part of the benefits the advancement brought back home. Years after the fact, he recognizes the compensation he procured from the UFC didn't come around what he ought to have been making, and it was a unimaginably exorbitant example.

"At that point, I knew worse," Mir said. "We didn't have any idea. Quite recently over the long haul, I'm checking out like, hang on a second, that has neither rhyme nor reason. A compensation for each view purchase is a compensation for every view purchase. For what reason is this game paying their competitors this level of what they're making versus this one? It's a similar cosmetics. This isn't two ridiculously various games, boxing and MMA. They're entirely equivalent with regards to setting up an enclosure or a ring, so dislike the expenses are unique.

"So what's the distinction here? Goodness, that is on the grounds that you have contending advertisers, and they know what's happening, and you can't screw one another. In the UFC, it's the main advertiser. In MMA, the show is the main advertiser. Dislike we will have a Bellator contender and a UFC warrior, and they're both on the card, so the two associations understand what they will get their person, since the two of them comprehend the income models. They comprehend what's happening. They're not talking from obliviousness."

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Despite the fact that UFC pay keeps on being an intriguing issue among warriors, Mir concedes competitors are getting more cash now than quite a while back, when he battled Lesnar. That is the main thing that quiets his nerves with regards to his little girl Bella emulated her dad's example by battling.

"I'm not as uncomfortable with it," Mir said. "Previously, it resembled I don't realize that many individuals who do MMA and don't in any case need to accomplish something a short time later. Myself included. Doing critique, working for various gatherings and associations. There's a justification for why I'm occupied. To realize she can make a profession and a living off it as well, it makes that pill somewhat more straightforward to swallow.

"As the dad in me, I'm like alright, she will be mogul at any rate. I'm not as frightened about it as I was previously. Since you have the gamble of injury, and you won't be chasing after different undertakings in life that could deal with you monetarily, and you will forfeit that to follow this battle profession, and afterward you will be behind when you go into those vocations.

I'm a former UFC champion who beat Brock Lesnar and sold more PPVs than  Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder - but I've never had $1 million payday |  talkSPORT

"For what? For individual increase, for hand to hand fighting and propelling yourself is wonderful, yet as a dad, it resembles what might be said about your financial balance? Your security. Could it be said that you will have the option to deal with yourself? At that point, I was scared. Presently, not really. It's a preferable world now over when I was there."