Former undisputed UFC heavyweight champion, Francis Ngannou claims he has heard from sources that incoming foe and former two-time heavyweight world champion, Anthony Joshua has a questionable worthiness to take a shot – to say the very least.

Ngannou, a former undisputed heavyweight titleholder under the imprint of the UFC, has been sidelined since he made his professional boxing debut when in August in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, forcing current WBC heavyweight best, Tyson Fury the loftiness in a hard-fought and controversial visualization loss.

As for Joshua, the Watford native turned in his third victory in as many fights when in December, stopping Otto Wallin with a vicious onslaught, forcing his corner to stop the tour between rounds.

And older this week, reports confirmed that Ngannou would be making his sophomore outing in the squared circle, taking on former world champion, Joshua in a professional boxing match.

Francis Ngannou weighs up Anthony Joshua matchup

Sharing his thoughts on his matchup with the British striker, Ngannou personal that he would be confident of not only fighting the former’s chin, but moreover keeping him on the canvas if he landed him there.

“The day is set,” Francis Ngannou told MMA Fighting. “It’s two months from now, and if any of them think they are going to have easy money, too bad for them. If AJ (Anthony Joshua) takes the dial that (Tyson) Fury took, I don’t guarantee that he’s [getting back] up. I have heard that he doesn’t have a chin. I’m going to find out.”

“I think he’s still the same fighter,” Francis Ngannou explained. “Being the same fighter doesn’t midpoint you can’t lose. He lost to Andy Ruiz. He lost to Oleksandr Usyk and he can still lose. By the way, I’m really intending to hand him a loss on March 8. You can still be who you are, but still lose. Nobody is undefeated.”

That is a ton of certainty for a man with just a single proficient bout added to his repertoire, however Ngannou has motivation to feel as such. Last October, Ngannou made his boxing debut against lineal boxing heavyweight champion Tyson Fierceness, and however he lost a dubious split choice, the previous UFC heavyweight champion likewise emphatically surpassed assumptions, out-boxing Wrath for stretches of the battle and, surprisingly, dropping "The Wanderer Lord" in the third round.

After that session, Joshua's advertiser Eddie Hearn, who had been disparaging of Ngannou's possibilities against Anger ahead of time, gave the previous UFC champion his props however asserted he would be "simple work" for Joshua. Presently the two are set to find out, and Ngannou has his own interpretation of how the battle could work out.

"Eddie is an advertiser," Ngannou said. "That is a daily practice for him. He says exactly the same thing constantly, only bot about Francis Ngannou yet another person. That is exactly the thing he does. The date is set. It's two months from now, and assuming any of them believe they will have pain free income, that is not good enough for them.

"Assuming AJ takes the punch that Wrath took, I don't ensure that he's standing up. I've heard that he doesn't have a jaw. I will find out. [Laughs.]"

That being said, Ngannou has no malevolence towards Joshua. The two are reinforced by their African legacy (Ngannou is from Cameroon and Joshua is of Nigerian drop) and whenever he's crushed Joshua, Ngannou recommends that maybe they can run things back on African soil.

"Toward the day's end, it's extraordinary stuff for the two of us," Ngannou said. "He could be my sibling I'd in any case battle him since it raises us both, it lifts the game, it hoists the mainland. There's no need to focus on a battle. You are not battling someone since you disdain him, you battle him since it's a test and the battle generally hoists the two warriors.

"Eddie Hearn said a ton of s***, however one thing he said that checks out is perhaps a likely rematch in Africa with Joshua. I believe that sounds cool. We will call that Dark Greatness."