Chris Weidman wasn't attempting to foul Bruno Silva in their battle at UFC Atlantic City, yet he can't change what occurred before he procured a specialized choice win.

Initially, Weidman scored a technical knockout triumph after Silva dropped to the material halfway through the third round and the previous middleweight champion shot him with a blast of punches for the stoppage. Replays showed that it was really a couple of eye jabs that made Silva pivot and tumble to the ground in torment, however ref Gary Copeland failed to understand what occurred until it was at that point past the point of no return.

Chris Weidman marks UFC comeback with controversial win over Bruno Silva

The authorities checking on the recording concluded that instead of permitting the fouls to decide the result, they would utilize the adjudicators' scorecards at the hour of the stoppage to decide the victor. That was Weidman no matter how you look at it, with every one of the three adjudicators giving him the battle 30-27 as he moved once more into the success segment without precedent for almost four years.

After the occasion, Weidman conceded that he wished things had played out in an unexpected way, however he likewise recognized that Silva offered himself no courtesies by responding the manner in which he did, which prompted the stoppage in any case.

"I won't ever scrutinize a person on the off chance that he says he gets jabbed in the eye, however you can't simply drop each time you feel like something is contacting your eyeball," Weidman said at the UFC Atlantic City post-battle question and answer session. "He jabbed me in the eye awful one time and I remained there, took it. Except if the ref will say something, I don't drop. I come from a wrestling foundation. It's something comparative. You can't shift focus over to the ref, they won't help you. Some of the time it will conflict with you. You must be consistently prepared. Prepared to protect yourself consistently. Once more, he dropped. I don't have any idea.

Chris Weidman Defends Controversial Win At UFC Fight Night Atlantic City

"Is it true that he was searching for an exit plan? I don't have the foggiest idea, yet you can't simply turn your back and tumble to the ground each time your eyeball feels jabbed."

Weidman said he laments the manner in which things worked out, particularly during such a fantastic second in his vocation as he looked to refocus following a staggering broken leg that almost finished his MMA run quite a while back.

His most memorable retaliate this previous August didn't end well for him, so Weidman put everything on his presentation on Saturday night. He actually left with the success, yet the 39-year-old veteran wishes there wasn't a particularly foreboding shadow hanging above.

That being said, Weidman realizes he didn't deliberately foul Silva, so he won't allow the outcome absolutely to demolish his festival.

Chris Weidman Addresses Eye Poke Controversy, Dismisses Retirement Talk

"Did I need to jab him in the eye? No, I'm miserable that I jabbed him in the eye," Weidman said. "Yet, while you're battling with these little gloves, [eye pokes] sort of simply occur.

"Assuming I had the stuff to contemplate getting my finger in his eyeball, how could I try and do that? I'd have the option to put my clench hand right on his jaw each time I needed. It's harder than you remember to be like, 'I will eye jab this person.' simply accidental poo happens when you have little gloves on and you have fingers stretched out in gloves. It's awful. Clearly, I'd prefer a technical knockout, yet I get it. I won each of the three adjusts so I'll take it."

To the extent that what's in store goes, Weidman conceded that had the battle with Silva finished in an unexpected way, he might have called it a lifelong on Saturday, yet that is not the way in which everything worked out.

Weidman felt restored in the octagon, particularly, taking everything into account subsequent to battling in his past matchup against Brad Tavares.

"I'm 39 years of age," Weidman said. "My leg is simply returning to where it's not difficult. I tossed leg kicks today, I tossed head kicks. I was unable to try and toss my leg last time. Likewise, the last time I battled, I was unable to circle to one side, I was unable to stack my right leg.

Chris Weidman changed his mind after initial reasons for agreeing to Bruno

"I considered [retirement] a lot of times, and I believe on the off chance that I would have lost this evening, on the off chance that I would lack my hand raised, it might have been the last time. I had that to me. Assuming that I was in there and I was like, 'I simply don't have it any longer,' I might have put the gloves down. Be that as it may, it didn't work out. I got the success so I'm right here."

With a success added to his repertoire — questionable or not — Weidman expects more battles coming soon, and he's invigorated for whatever comes straightaway.

"I actually think I have a great deal of potential," Weidman said. "I've had a ton of misfortune. I actually think I have it. Until I figure I don't have it any longer, I'm here. I love it. This is enjoyable. I actually got my looks. So until one of those begin going, I'm here. This is an excess of tomfoolery. I was intended."